Our Story

Jeddo Sweilem, a story that began in Nablus in 1920 when the company was established for the first time to produce some of the famous foods in the Levant region such as tahini and halaweh as well as the finest oils extracted from sesame, flaxseed, and black seed.


The name “Jeddo Sweilem” was given to our company as well as all of our products in reference to the nobility of this profession that was passed down through the generations.


In 1955, the “Jedo Swailem” business moved to Jordan to continue the journey in the manufacture of halva, tahini, and oil according to the highest quality standards, while preserving the delicious original flavor of each of our products.

Our Products

Our main products include: pure tahini made of sesame seeds as well as liquid black seeds tahini, halaweh (halva) in multiple flavors including plain, halaweh with nuts, halaweh with cocoa, and halaweh with black seed. In addition to natural oils extracted from various seeds, including flaxseed oil, sesame oil, and black seed oil.


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Our Mission

Since its establishment, Jeddo Swilem’s main goal has been to provide high-quality food products that are delicious and healthy at the same time. This goal is still our main priority, as we always strive to win the customer’s trust by providing healthy food products that are gluten-free and with distinctive flavors that satisfy all tastes.


We are keen on “Jeddo Swailem” to constantly innovate and renew, by updating our products and presenting them in a contemporary way that keeps pace with the tendencies and needs of different customers. We are working on producing special Halawa intended for diabetics, in addition to other different products.