Diet Halaweh for Diabetics

Do you love halaweh but feel bad every time you eat it because of the high amount of sugar? or maybe you crave it but can’t eat it because you are diabetic?

No worries, you can now enjoy your daily share of halaweh without feeling guilty, by adding this tasty yet healthy product to your shopping cart.

Specially made tahini halaweh that is made of the finest types of halaweh to satisfy your sweet tooth, it is sugar-free and comes with lower amounts of fat.

Add the yummy halaweh to your healthy breakfast, or have a bite every now and then instead of chocolate. You can also eat it as a light snack during the day to recharge!

Ingredients: saponaria, tahini, vanilla, sorbitol, maltitol.

Size: 400 g.

*** Note: Jeddo Sweilem Halaweh is made from entirely vegan materials and is, therefore, suitable for vegetarians.

All our products are gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with an allergy to gluten.