Liquid Black seeds Tahini

Liquid Black seeds Tahini – Different Sizes

Get creative in preparing the most delicious and healthy dishes using the liquid black seed tahini from Jeddo Sweilem.
Black seed liquid tahini is made from the finest types of sesame seeds, and nigella seeds which are known for their great benefits to the body, as they strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases due to the fact that they contain many antioxidants.

You can eat black seed tahini on its own or mix it with honey, you can also use it as a main ingredient in many delicious Palestinian recipes, such as the Nabulsi black sesame cake.

Ingredients: sesame seeds, black seeds.
Size: The package is available in several sizes: 400 g, 1 kg.
Note: Jeddo Sweilem Tahini is made from 100% natural sesame seeds and black seeds and is suitable for vegetarians.

All our products are gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with an allergy to gluten.


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Weight 3 kg