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Liquid Sesame Tahini – Different Sizes

Get creative now in preparing the most delicious main dishes and appetizers by using our delicious liquid tahini, which is made from the finest types of sesame seeds.

The liquid sesame tahini from Jeddo Sweilem can be eaten alone with date molasses or used as a main ingredient in famous Arabic dishes such as hummus and salad dressings, in addition to using it in some types of desserts, or even as a substitute for peanut butter for people with peanut allergies.

Taste now our yummy liquid tahini from, and make it an essential ingredient in your kitchen.

Ingredients: natural ground sesame seeds.
Size: The package is available in several sizes, including small ones that start from 250 gm and even large sizes intended for restaurants, which weigh up to 18 kg.
Available sizes: 250 g, 400 g, 500 g, 700 g, 900 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 18 kg.

Note: Jeddo Sweilem Tahini is made from 100% natural sesame seeds and is suitable for vegetarians.

All our products are gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with an allergy to gluten.


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