Tahini Halaweh with Blackseed

You can now enjoy the completely new and distinctive taste of halaweh from Jeddo Sweilem.

Tasty Halaweh with blackseed made from the finest types of tahini and mixed with liquid black seed extract to give you a wonderful taste and many health benefits, as tahini contributes to strengthening the immune system through the minerals and vitamins it contains, while the black seed protects and works as a remedy for stomach ulcers, as well as relieving sore throats.


Make this special halaweh from Jeddo Swailem your favorite snack in winter. Eat it in the morning with breakfast or during the day accompanied by a cup of coffee to boost your immunity and increase your activity every day.


Ingredients: saponaria, tahini, sugar, glucose, vanilla, liquid iris.

Size: The package is available in multiple sizes: 400 g, 900 g, 1.75 kg.

*** Note: Jeddo Sweilem Halaweh is made from entirely vegan materials and is, therefore, suitable for vegetarians.